Monday, 10 December 2012

Always Reverse The Statistic

For example, if one in five secondary school pupils is using illegal drugs, then that means that four out of five are not doing so. Just as two thirds were not doing so 10 years ago, when one third was. Illegal drug use has never been normal, and it is becoming more and more abnormal all the time.

There has never been a War On Drugs. For 40 years now, there has been no serious attempt whatever to enforce this country's drug laws. It is very high time, so to speak, that there were. That is obviously what most of the rising generation wants, or at the very least would have no reason to fear. Therefore, the ageing yuppies and the aged hippies had better prepare themselves for it.

Of course, such a war can only be waged on solidly anti-capitalist principles: the State is under an absolute moral obligation to ensure that there is no "free" market in drugs, any more than is, say, prostitution; the oft-cited figure of one man in 20 "using a sexual service", or whatever we are supposed to call it, leaves 19 out of 20 who are not doing so. Based on the figure for drugs, the smaller number will fall, not rise, over the coming decade. Always reverse the statistic.

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  1. Proud to be a provincial hack, I see. Quite right, too. If they don't know to do this, then what the hell do they know? Nowt, by the look of things. Keep up the fight. As you point out, we have always been the majority and we are rapidly becoming the overwhelming majority. The bullying pro-drugs lobby is down to a mere 20% of teenagers, its days are numbered.