Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rupert The Barefaced

Sarah Ferguson may not be a person whom anyone who knows anything regards as terribly important, or even as remotely important. But not everyone does know anything. So continues Rupert Murdoch's long-running campaign against the Royal Family. And thus, by that same exploitation of ignorance, against the monarchy.

The importance of the monarchy lies not in the power that it exercises, but in the power that it prevents other people from exercising. People, for example, such as Rupert Murdoch. Whose place man, Andy Coulson, is now the power behind David Cameron as Alastair Campbell was behind Tony Blair. Andy Coulson, who recently presided over the illegal bugging of the Royal Family's telephones.

Meanwhile, you will soon have to pay to read Murdoch's Times online. A newspaper whose paper edition makes a loss will now be expecting people - for heaven's sake, who? - to pay for online content. How does this blog differ from The Times? This blog, though free to read, makes a profit. Not a very large profit. But a profit all the same. Do please keep it that way. See the PayPal button. After all, what else are you going to do with the money? Give it to Rupert Murdoch, so that you can pay to read online a newspaper which you do not want to buy at the paper shop?

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