Monday 29 January 2024

Roll of Honour

These are the Labour Peers who defied a whip to abstain and voted against the Rwanda Bill:

Baroness Blower
Baroness Bryan of Partick
Lord Cashman (left the party under Jeremy Corbyn, back now)
Baroness Chakrabarti
Lord Davies of Brixton
Lord Hacking (a Conservative hereditary who defected to Labour under Tony Blair, left the party again, and re-joined only in 2021)
Lord Hendy
Lord Sikka

Ken Clarke and Justin Welby both voted with the Government, so they can get lost. No Conservative voted against, nor did any Lord Spiritual.


  1. Clarke, Welby and Labour say they want it amended.

  2. Bunch of preening idiots. If Rwanda is as bad as these virtue signalling ninnies say, then no illegal immigrant is ever going to choose it over staying in France, so we won’t need to deport anyone there.

    1. No one is ever going there, anyway. That is the idea. That, and that whoever is getting paid should continue to be so, kicking back accordingly.

  3. If so, why did these clowns vote against it? Of course it’s not the idea. Sunak knows he would be finished if the bill was defeated in the courts again and he failed to deport anyone.

    1. No one is ever going to Rwanda. They are just not.