Monday, 1 August 2022

Red Benches

There has never been any upper limit on the Upper House. Possessed of the Royal Prerogative, any Prime Minister has always been able to create as many Peers as he pleased.

If Boris Johnson wanted to create 100 in the next month or so, then 70 should be his supporters, his relatives and himself, while 30 should be from that part of post-Corbynism which had not gone down such rabbit holes as Rejoinery, Greenery, identity politics in general, gender self-identification in particular, cancel culture, mass stupefaction, the indulgence of separatism, and continuing attachment to the Labour Party. Names are available on request.

Observe that yesterday's letter to The Observer in support of Labour Women's Declaration was signed by Marsha de Cordova, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who resigned as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalites under Keir Starmer rather than bow the knee to Stonewall. The Minister of State whom she was Shadowing was Kemi Badenoch, whose reservations have materialised only after she has left office. The Secretary of State was Liz Truss, who retains that position to this day.


  1. 30 of ours in the Lords, imagine that.

    1. And this is the only Prime Minister from whom we might have even so much as an outside chance of getting it.