Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Even in Kansas, of course. All that has happened is that abortion has been sent back to the states. Most states are not going to have a referendum, but every one of them contains a pro-abortion majority.

The alternative would be such "Cultural Marxism", or what have you, as paid maternity leave. Rather than have that sort of thing upset the people who bankrolled both parties, then every state will have abortion laws in the style of Roe v. Wade within the next 15 years. Put not your trust in princes. Preach the Gospel.


  1. Kay Burley having a go at Sunak over abortion even though he's totally pro, they are determined to bring the culture war to Britain.

    1. Sunak was genuinely at a loss as to what she was on about. They have to pretend that the Republican Party is as in their worst nightmares, and then that whoever they are berating over here is just the same. Some of them believe it.