Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Warning Signs

Some of us remember when Boris Johnson, as Prime Minister, was not allowed to have the "wrong" cup of coffee without its being snatched out his hand by a "handler". Who are these "handlers"? Why does no one ever ask?

So it comes as no surprise that Johnson appears to have no idea who has been the Prime Minister for the last three years. How could he have been expected to know the rules without having been told them by Dominic Cummings or someone? It was not as if he had had any role in making them.

Bringing us to Sue Gray, "the woman who runs the country". No one even knows in which year she was born. It was either 1957 or 1958, but it could be either, if it is even one of those. No one knows where, either. Most guesses are "Northern Ireland", but nowhere more specific than that. All that is known about her early life is that "she never went to university" and that she joined in the Civil Service "in the late 1970s". Who is she? How did she get where she is? And, again, why does no one ever ask?


  1. Gray had a pub in the late Eighties in deep green Newry with her husband, a country and western singer from deep green Portaferry, nobody knows if they're still married, all deeply odd.

    1. They are still married, I think. But yes, from that, she was called back, so indispensable was she. Who is she?