Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Short-Range and Clearly Defensive?

There are dead cats, and then there are dead people. Sending military personnel to Ukraine is a tripwire. In the event of a Russian attack, then that would be at least a potential attack on those personnel, and off we would go to war.

Lockdown-busting booze-ups? What lockdown-busting booze-ups? Double-digit Labour poll leads? What double-digit Labour poll leads? Although Labour would cheer this war to the echo and complain that it was not going far enough.

From Ukraine to Taiwan, or anywhere else that might present itself, the people who have just spent 10 years being kicked out of the park by a scratch militia from the Pashtun hills now propose to fight Russia and China at the same time. Except, of course, that none of the fighting would be done by them.


  1. Can't change Prime Ministers during a war can we?

    1. We can. And we certainly can in the run-up to one, as happened in 1990.