Friday, 14 January 2022

Point of Light?

Whoever sold vast British State assets to the Chinese State, then it was not Barry Gardiner. What did he actually do for his £425,000? We would all be happy to take that kind of money in order to do nothing. In any case, that a British citizen resident in the United Kingdom gave money to MPs in a perfectly legal way, and Christine Lee has not been charged with anything, is not much of a story. Not in itself, anyway. It is undeniably scandalous that private companies are funding MPs' offices. In general, that will not be for no return.

You do have to admire the sheer gall of Priti Patel. Nowhere near as long ago as it seems, a Prime Minister with higher standards, not that is saying very much, sacked Patel for treason with a foreign state. The same state that has one of its spooks, who is not even a British national, openly vetting who may or may not be a member of the Labour Party. Like numerous other Conservative and Labour MPs, Patel and Keir Starmer both have very close ties to Narendra Modi, who among other things is one of the world's worst persecutors of Christians. And that is before we start about the influence of Saudi Arabia, or about the influence of the United States.


  1. She's been known about for years, it was even in the Times a while ago.

    1. This dead cat has failed. There is only one political story, and it is not this.

      Her son was given security clearance to work in the Palace of Westminster, so the whole thing is clearly rubbish.