Friday, 14 January 2022

Keep Your Ariel Tuned

The BBC's sculpture by Eric Gill is not of him, so the arguments that were used by the Colston Four would not apply. Keep saying it, because any number of people either do not understand or pretend not to. What happened in the case of the Colston Four was not a nullification, although the jury would have been within its rights if it had been.

Rather, the Defence argued that the statue of Edward Colston was a breach of public order and an indecent display, such that its removal was a prevention of crime. In acquitting, the jury agreed. Presented with the facts about Colston, then any jury in the land would have done so. The same would be true of Gill. But unless I am very much mistaken, there is nowhere any statue of Eric Gill.


  1. Gill's perversions set the tone for much of the future history of the BBC.

    1. What bothers me in that area now is that the Leader of the Opposition is being "advised" by a close friend of this century's most notorious paedophile.