Sunday, 19 September 2021

Quite Some Front

The long moral collapse of Nick Cohen is complete. He rebrands even Jobbik because it is opposed to a politician to whom he is also opposed, and he praises an electoral pact with it, before suggesting something similar between Labour and the SNP, a party that he used to despise. He also despised the Labour Party until not very long ago, as he had despised it under Tony Blair until the invasion of Iraq.

The only good thing in this article is that Cohen concedes that after Brexit, we are no longer funding the supporters of Viktor Orbán. Except that we are, through NATO, which sends material into schools all over Eastern Europe depicting the wartime collaborators as the good guys against the Soviet enemy. We are paying for this.

We are, however, no longer subject to the legislative will of Fidesz, or to that of numerous other factions of the kind that Cohen vigorously opposes in Britain, but would cheerfully impose on Hungary as part of what he offensively calls a popular front. But we are still committed to defending them. And since we teach children that many of them stand in the glorious tradition of the 1940s, then why not?


  1. No one is saying any of this in Parliament, you cannot get there too soon.