Sunday, 19 September 2021

Let’s Eat Like We’re French

Peter Hitchens can find nothing to say about the overhyped reshuffle, or that carry on with Australian submarines, or that Late Silly Season story about imperial weights and measures. Instead, he writes:

Amazing now to remember that in my childhood British children were not supposed to eat between meals and generally didn’t. This rule must have collapsed some time in the 1960s, like everything else.

Yet somehow the French have managed to retain it, along with a good deal more parental power than we have. The French Bake Off star Manon Lagrève says:

‘In France you don’t snack. You just have your meals... at ten, you might have an apple, then lunch. You’re sitting at the table with all your friends and family and you spend five hours. You have appetisers, starter, main, cheese, dessert.’ 

I’m not sure about five hours, but the idea is sound. We used to think the French were chaotic and a bit feeble. Now they outclass us in this important area. We should copy them.


  1. You're such a bookish foodie, you're practically French, everyone wonders how you went Leave.

    1. I have high hopes of a bookish and foodie Britain, if we get rid of the wrong Brexiteers, johnny-come-latelies, and put in the right Brexiteers, opposed to the EU from the very start.