Friday, 13 August 2021

Something To Aspire To

Last night, Labour lost a council by-election in Tower Hamlets to Lutfur Rahman's Aspire party. Labour lost by 462 votes.

In 2018, under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour's John Pierce, whose death caused this by-election, had beaten Aspire by 1083 votes, and Labour's Abdul Mukit had topped the poll with 1740 more votes than Aspire.

Corbyn's capitulation to Keir Starmer over Brexit caused half of the Red Wall to collapse in 2019, and Starmer's "Leadership" is going to cause the collapse of the other half in 2024.

Meanwhile, Starmer has already lost Labour a million Kashmiri votes, largely in key electoral battlegrounds, and the rest of the Black Wall, using the good old definition of political blackness, is also going to fall, in various directions, because of him.


  1. A direct and deserved consequence of the Labour right's attack on Apsana Begum. Rahman is on course to come back as Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

    1. And much of what is now Tower Hamlets goes as far back as a "Labour heartland" as the Durham coalfield did.