Friday, 13 August 2021

No Bull About Kabul

A certain ex-Army, and Forces families, lobby is getting a great deal of attention. And it must be very painful to accept that you fought, or that you lost a friend or a relative, in a pointless war. But that was not their fault, nor was it yours.

Having got the hell out of Afghanistan, we must now stay the hell out of Afghanistan. Before we went in, then it was a country with a ghastly government. There were a lot of those then, and there are a lot of them now. It has been our intervention that has turned it into a potential global hub of Islamist terrorism.

There was already an actual one of those in 2001, too, and it is still there. That was where the 9/11 attacks came from, as everyone has always known. But our Political Class was in the pocket of Saudi Arabia, and so it remains.


  1. Things have changed since 2001, demand a Commons vote. But who will?

    1. I would have done. George would have done. But as it is, we need only hope for an alliance of Others, currently including Jeremy Corbyn.