Thursday, 5 August 2021

Advisory Bored

No one gives a quarter of a million pounds to the governing party unless they expect something in return. And yes, of course the unions expect something for the money that they give to the Labour Party. That is why they barely give it a penny anymore. 

Keir Starmer inherited a healthily solvent party, but he has brought it to the brink of bankruptcy. He is falling back on the people who funded his own Leadership campaign, the sort who casually gave trivial sums in the region of a mere £50,000 to a dining companion who was chancing his luck at becoming the Leader of the Opposition. But even they seem to be drawing the line these days.

As for Prince Charles, who can blame him? He will soon be King, and while he is now well-liked, no other monarch is going to be as beloved as his mother while she was still in living memory. He has his causes, and like any such functioning adult, he does not mind which party pursued them, as long as they got done. All in all, then, he is keeping in with the party that is going to be in government for the rest of his life.


  1. No wonder they're so scared of you.