Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Which Those So Dearly Held

Alex Salmond sacked Linda Fabiani as a Minister, yet she is chairing the inquiry into his case. Scotland is simply not a functioning polity.

And today, that inquiry has again resolved not to publish Salmond's testimony. All other parties at Holyrood should now just walk out. Not only walk out of the inquiry. Walk out of the Parliament.

Today is also Independence Day in Kosovo, which put the EU's symbol on its flag, but which will never be allowed into the EU, since neither Spain nor Cyprus will ever recognise it. Scottish Nationalists, take note.

All parties should contest every seat at Holyrood. Tactical decisions are not for the parties, but for the voters. And the voters should vote for whoever was best placed to defeat the SNP in each constituency, while voting for All for Unity on the list.

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