Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Make The Most

The Left and the working class, and perhaps especially the rural working class, as well as politically black communities, need to bypass both the municipal Labour Right and the Liberal Establishment both in education and in the media. That requires dealing directly with the Conservative Party and with its wider milieu. For example, GB News. Peace to all those left-wing news websites. But as many people already read or watch them as are ever going to do so.

The EU referendum, and the two subsequent General Elections results, have confirmed that the workers, and not the liberal bourgeoisie, are now the key swing voters who deserve direct representation on local public bodies, on national public bodies, in the media, and at the intersection of the public and media sectors.

If a deal with any part of Toryland delivered one seat or gig on anything, then that would be more representation than the right-wing Labour machine or the metropolitan liberal elite had ever given us, or ever would. They do not want us. Nor do we need them. But these days, the Conservatives do need us. And there are now undeniably enough of us to make us a commercially viable market as well as an electorally crucial constituency. Let us make the most of both.

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