Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Everything Is Simple When You're Simple

A "law making it illegal to advocate restrictions on free speech"? Ed Dutton once gave me the most hilarious experience of my life, when he tried to seduce me. He is now at the centre of the nexus that links Toby Young and thus the heart of government, to Steven Pinker and thus Oliver Kamm and the whole of the Blairite stay-behind network, certainly to the cream of neo-Nazism, and very probably to the funding of al-Qaeda.

These are the people who whine about "cancel culture", of which they cannot cite a single specific example in this country, if anywhere. Pushed very hard during one of their extremely frequent and strikingly uncancelled media appearances, they will moan about mere protests on the part of the revolting peasants. That, and historians writing history instead of whatever they think would be more acceptable. They really are that used to their own way.

Some of us have never not been cancelled, mostly by them. In my case, perhaps I am still being punished for having rebuffed Ed's advances 20 years ago? But we are not whingeing. We are getting on with building our think tank, our Fellowships at a sympathetic university, our qualification for aspirant parliamentary candidates of any party or none, our weekly current affairs magazine, our fortnightly satirical magazine, our monthly cultural review, our quarterly academic journal, and our arrangements to secure representation on public bodies by bypassing the right-wing Labour machine and the metropolitan liberal elite, with our registered political party in reserve, and while retaining our undying dream of a daily popular newspaper. 

If you would rather campaign for a "law making it illegal to advocate restrictions on free speech", then good luck to you. You will have as much success with that as you had with begging me to sodomise you, down to and including your presentation of yourself for the purpose.

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