Sunday, 7 February 2021

Erected By Public Subscription?

When it is not people trying to shut down a television station that did not yet exist, then it is people fretting that, long after we were all dead, someone might tear down a statue that had not yet been put up and which possibly never will be. A better tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore would be to fund the NHS properly in the first place. And to look into where, exactly, the money that he raised ever went. A statue can wait.

Of course, every statue comes down eventually. And since they all go up for political reasons, so they all come down for political reasons. But the only statue to have been pulled down in Britain in the last 12 months has been of a slaver. It probably should not have come down in the way that it did. But it certainly should have come down. Who proposes replacing it with another statue of the same man? And if Robert Jenrick succeeded in giving himself outrageous powers to overrule local authorities in these matters, then would he save statues of slavers? Would he order that there be more of them?

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