Sunday, 1 November 2020

Lockdown In The Lobbies

Wednesday's Commons vote on the lockdown is a masterstroke. The Right will be restored to its normal status as "the rebels" and "the Awkward Squad", notable for personal eccentricity but with no claim to be taken seriously. Desmond Swayne will be where Tony Marlow used to be, and so on. Practically a separate party, and not one to which any attention needed to be paid, just like the old days.

Angry though it is, the Labour Left would probably not pick this as its fight, although the spectacle of more Labour than Conservative rebels would be very funny, especially if they were rebelling in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn. What would the Telegraph say then? But keep an eye on the Liberal Democrats. They need a new cause with which to differentiate themselves. This may very well be it.

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