Saturday, 23 March 2019

Disclosure Watch: Day 20

There is now less than a fortnight to go until the third attempt to put me on trial is theoretically supposed to begin, a year after the second one and two years after I was charged. But there has still been no disclosure. 

Despite the supposedly open-and-shut case against me, my trial is expected to last "five days plus". It is now impossible to construct a defence to a case the presentation of which must therefore be expected to take at least two and a half working days, which is around 20 hours.

Like everything else, the morning of 1st April is the choice of the Crown. And it is most apposite for what the Crown is going to have to do at Durham Crown Court. Unless it is going to humiliate itself yet further by requesting a third "postponement". Is it? Might it stand even the slightest chance of being granted such a thing?

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