Monday 29 October 2018

Greening Her Path

Justine Greening is now a declared candidate for the Conservative Leadership. She might very well get it. 

The Right has this delusion that it is the soul of the Conservative Party, but in fact it is barely even a tolerated stepchild, or ever has been.

Margaret Thatcher promoted Ken Clarke and John Gummer over and over again. That Michael Heseltine was able to walk out of her Cabinet indicated that she had put him in it. And so on. 

By the time that she went, then the most right-wing candidate to succeed her was John Major. Fast forward 26 years, and Theresa May was made Leader without even so much as a contest. 

Heaven knows that I would not vote for Justine Greening. But she is a perfectly realistic candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party. 

Whereas no one from the Right is. By definition.

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