Monday 13 August 2018

Toning Down To Fit In?

I should be fascinated to know how much anyone spent in order to "find out" that British Asians were socially more conservative than Britons at large. The rest of us could have told them that for free.

But note that 15 per cent of the general population still finds homosexuality unacceptable. And when it comes to the importance of religion, factor in the other ethnic minorities.

Christianity is being classified as "a black thing", in the way that Islam is seen as "an Asian thing", so that those who object to the erosion of it, and who, as in the case of Sarah Kuteh, do tend to be black, "shouldn't have come here if they didn't want to fit in."

Fit in, that is, with a culture that, among those who tick the White British box, is now overwhelmingly atheistic, and increasingly aggressive about being so if it is prodded even very gently indeed.

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