Sunday, 26 August 2018

On Tablets of Stone

The name of Palestine appears on war memorials that are now being defaced by pro-Israeli activists, for example in Brighton. 

Palestine, you see, fought with Britain during the Second World War. 

The subsequent founders of the State of Israel, by contrast, took a very different approach.


  1. There was never any state called “Palestine.” it was a British colony (encompassing what is now Israel) so of course it “fought with” Britain. What else do you expect colonies to do?

    Palestine and the term “Palestinian” are retrospective inventions. There’s no such thing as a “Palestinian” people or even a “Palestinian” language.

    1. We have already been through this.

      By no means everyone in Palestine fought with Britain. The anti-British terrorists went on to found the State of Israel.

      It is downright unpatriotic, even treasonable, to support a foreign state that is spending a million pounds on bringing down the Leader of a major British political party. Such can only be called an enemy state. But then, look who founded it.

  2. It’s unpatriotic to support a refuge from genocide set up to protect the once-stateless Jewish people from the discrimination and slaughter they suffered in Europe?

    You sound like a Corbynite Judophobe.

  3. This blog is the kind of stuff Jeremy Corbyn keeps having to apologise for. The party is now such an utter state that Jewish MPs need bodyguards to the Labour conference.

    The state of that party.

    1. Oh, if you believe that bodyguards rubbish. As if anyone would even know who those MPs were.

      Labour is ahead in the polls.