Friday, 3 August 2018

There's No Pleasing Some People

Well, of course Jeremy Corbyn has not placated them.

Their problem is with his economic and foreign policies, which are the point of him, so nothing that he says or does will ever placate them.

In any case, they do not like the very existence of the Labour Party.

Moreover, their monopolisation of the news agenda is designed to prevent discussion of any other issue whatever. It is succeeding.

And who are they? They are an entirely self-appointed lot, even within a tiny ethnic minority.

The latest is the "Campaign Against Antisemitism", which has materialised out of thin air and which somehow manages to be a registered charity while doing nothing, absolutely nothing at all, apart from attack the Leader of the Labour Party.

He ought to have made no effort to reach out to this. In language not ordinarily permitted on this site, he ought instead to have turned round to them, preferably on live television, and told them to "Fuck off".

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