Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Tell A Lie Big Enough

Everyone gets compared to the Nazis. If you can't cope with that one, then stay out of politics, and stay away from the Internet.

Not that any of this matters, as the polls and the actual votes fully bear out. 64 per cent of Jews voted Conservative even when Labour had a Jewish Leader, so the claim that Labour might otherwise have won Barnet Council this year does not stand up. Nowhere else is ever so much as mentioned.

London media types might think that, because one in three of their friends is Jewish, then there must be 22 million Jews in the United Kingdom. But that is not in fact the case.

And Pete Willsman was once very rude to me down the phone. But his remarks in this instance were mundane to the point of banality. As are comparisons of any and everyone to the Nazis. Any and everyone, including Israel.

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