Friday, 20 June 2014

Publish Or Be Damned

Uncharacteristically, I am annoyed.

Rod Liddle tells that he agreed months to do Any Questions? tonight, but that the producers never got back to him.

I had already been given a ticket when we were told that he was coming, so it is not as if I was going only in order to hear him.

But he would have been good on the proposal to impeach Tony Blair.

That procedure is not obsolete. Such would require primary legislation, and there has never been any on this. 

The last attempt had to be killed off by a procedural trick. But this one is coming from the Father of the House, who, moreover, is a member of the Prime Minister's own party.

The Prime Minister pointedly did not rule it out at PMQs.

Furthermore, I know for certain that it is being very seriously considered by a significant body of Labour MPs.

The Parliamentary Labour Party is now an enormously different beast from that which it was 10 years ago, or indeed at any time between 1997 and 2010.

It is just a thought, but this could be pre-empted by, you know, publishing the Chilcot Report.

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