Monday, 16 June 2014

Nor Shall Her Sword

Many of the signatories to today's letter to The Times decrying the campaign against Oxfam can be written off by Oxfam's enemies as the usual suspects.
They ought not to be. But they can be, and they doubtless will be.
However, the first name is that of Jana Osborne of the National Federation of Women's Institutes.
And this week's Ashcroft poll gives Labour a six-point lead.
The next General Election is over.
Not because I want it to be. But because it is.


  1. This reminds me of when I knew Amnesty International had lost the plot the day it started joining Hollywood liberals like Sean Penn in campaigning against the Republicans and the US death penalty.

    Someone should tell these jumped- up Leftwing dimwits that decent poor people don't donate their hard earned dollars to them so that they can engage in fashionable political campaigns for trendy causes in free law governed Western democracies.

    We have wars, concentration camps and famines around the world.

    Instead of helping them, our trendy right-on leftist charities are lobbying against "capital punishment" and "cuts" in free law governed democracies.