Sunday, 27 May 2012

Double Danger

The whole concept of the consummation of marriage is under threat in order to placate the extremely recent but extremely nasty use of homosexuality as an economic, social, cultural and political identity.

And an advocate of those agenda since all the way back in his days on The Moral Maze, Michael Gove of the Henry Jackson Society and of Policy Exchange, says that he wants to send every state school a copy of the Qur'an.

Those two forces have been and remain allied from Bosnia and Kosovo, to Chechnya and Xinjiang, and doubtless to Azawad as well.

Yet the Dutch, in whose country the two had been expected to clash in civil war within this generation, have risen peaceably, but thus all the more forcefully, in revolt against them both. When will we?

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  1. The prophet of postliberal politics, indeed. Equally opposed to Islamist and pinky-greeny agendas at home, equally opposed to Islamist and Zionist-PNAC agendas abroad. A man who was way ahead of your time. Until now, when your time has come.