Sunday, 18 September 2011

Water Under Shotley Bridge

The Mail on Sunday carries an article advocating a programme of hospital closures.

Its author is one Paul Corrigan.

Enjoy yourselves, in the comments and elsewhere. If only for old time's sake.


  1. Now, now, David. You are a Senior Common Room President these days, and your next book is going to make a huge impression; sme of us do academic Durham AND literary London, you know.

    But that said, perhaps Professor Corrigan could get Mrs Corrigan to send "Break Dancing Jesus" around the country with a demolition ball so as to knock down all those pesky hospitals?

  2. He'd demolish the wrong buildings by mistake.

  3. You are thinking of that ex-tutee who stupidly turned traitor and was left wondering why his "scoop" had no impact except to get you promoted while his office was raided by two different branches of law enforcement on the same morning. No one betrays Mr Lindsay.

  4. You have been very keen on Hilary's use of the Lords to criticise reducing the number of MPs but not the number of ministers, lessening accountability.

    You and BDJ were seeming to get on, or anyway be civil to each other, just before he left. Why does he keep it up on here, under a pseudonym?

  5. 1979, candidate at Coventry North East. For the Communist Party.

    2009, CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

    In between, Special Adviser to John Reid, now Baron Reid of Cardowan, but not always so.

  6. Well, of course.

    Though he was also SpAd to Alan Milburn. New Labour was where the Trots and the Tankies kissed and made up.

  7. Miner's Boy (11+)19 September 2011 at 00:11

    My wife was a nurse at Shotley Bridge hospital. Some years ago, after the announcement had been made about its closure, a group of worthies visited the site. After looking around the hospital and its extensive grounds one of the ladies in the group was heard to say "What have we done?"

    One of the consultants who reluctantly attended the outpatient clinics used to describe it in sneering terms as 'Shitley Bridge'. With such an attitude prevailing it was always going to be doomed.