Sunday, 15 May 2011

Regnat Populus

With Mike Huckabee having ruled out a Presidential run next year, Democrats should reach out, both for that reason and for its own sake, to those who would otherwise have been attracted to economically one of the most left-wing governors in American history, an opponent both of abortion (which the combination of ObamaCare and the Pregnant Women Support Act will reduce like nothing else in American history until the House Bill, with both the public option and the Stupak Amendment, is enacted after all) and of same-sex “marriage” (to which Obama is also opposed) while in favour of Second Amendment rights.

Huckabee probably does not believe in evolution, but he has never actually said so, that was also the view of at least the younger Bush, and the resurgent Moderates within the Republican Party, last seen in the White House in the person of the elder Bush, aim to consolidate their recapture of the GOP after last year, when they did better than the Tea Party overall and even beat it in the general election for Governor of Rhode Island, by delivering the Presidential nomination to a man who believes in the historical reliability of the Book of Mormon.

What have Huckabee and Romney in common at all, that they should be members of the same party? Most notably, that each gave his state something more than a little like ObamaCare. Perhaps Ed Miliband could bring over the pair of them in 2015, to sort out the mess left by Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Lansley?

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