Monday, 16 May 2011

Moonie Tunes

There is a certain "own doorstep" quality to the attack by Harry's Place on Dave Anderson, among others, for having links to the Moonies, since Anderson chairs Labour Friends of Iraq. But he also has a heavy regional accent and a strong trade union background, he was a late entrant into higher education, he is a Campaign Group member, and he has devoted considerable energy to the plight of British citizens still being driven from their homes by Irish Republican violence. So he is obviously fair game.

Blairites and neocons are in no position to comment about parties within the party, including, as the post in question details, those of sectarian Leftist origin and character. Reference is also made to the League of Saint George, which can hardly be accused of ever actually having taken over the Conservative Party, and which has always held to Mosley's vision of "Europe A Nation", including a 32-County Irish Republic within it. How does that differ from the view of your average Euston Manifesto signatory?

Rupert Murdoch has provided, and continues to provide, the main media mouthpieces for their position on three continents. But it would be wrong to ignore the influence of The Washington Times, which was founded, and until very recently owned and run, by the Moonies. Once again, their own doorstep.

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