Wednesday, 28 March 2007

And Away We Go

The papers are in for me to re-contest my Lanchester Parish Council seat, and to contest a Derwentside District Council seat, as an Independent.


  1. A genuine question for you david ...Surely if you are just going to vote along with Alex Watson anyway (as you insinuated in a previous post), why would people vote for you? If they want to vote Labour, they will and if they dont want to vote Labour then surely they would vote for a 'proper' independent.

  2. I might not vote with Alex. Mind you, you could say that about plenty of Labour candidates this time round...

    Anyway, most of the DIs vote with Alex most of the time, and will continue to do so. In return, they get their two Scrutiny Chairs and what have you.

    And why not? They are proper old-style Tories (like the three Tories on Lanchester Parish Council, come to that), not Thatcherities or Cameroons (the views of the three Tories on Lanchester Parish Council are splendid to hear where Cameron is concerned). Likewise, Alex and his supporters are proper old-style Labourites, neither Trotskyists nor Blairites; Alex's Labour enemies on and around DDC, by contrast, might fall into the first category if they knew what it meant.

    I am running on two basic planks:

    1. Make the Stanley Town Council pay for anything in Stanley for which a Parish Council has to pay anywhere else in Derwentside, and cut the DDC Council Tax accordingly; and

    2. Recognise the existence of poor people in Lanchester, and target services accordingly.

    It would be very difficult for anyone else, including the DIs, to say either of those things in quite those terms.