Thursday, 14 December 2006

Another Good Day To Bury Bad News

Of course, Lord Stevens has only told us what every sane person knew nine years ago. But he has done so at our own lavish expense. What a waste of public money! Fayed and his crew should just have been told where to stick their conspiracy theories.

But how much coverage has there been of a real story of the day, namely the Post Office closures? (And where is the Countryside Alliance when we need them?) Oh, and has anyone, anywhere asked why Blair, the man who actually granted the corruptly and illegally purchased seats in the legislature, was not interviewed under caution?

No, of course not! Instead, it's just Diana this, Diana that, Diana the other.


  1. There were, statistically, far more of the tory peerages given to donors to the tory party than there were labour peerages given to labour donors - but dont let facts get in the way of your incessant drivel!!

  2. No one got a peerage without the approval of the Prime Minister. It just doesn't work like that. This is about the Prime Minsiter, not the Leader of the Labour Party.