Sunday, 12 June 2022

Streeting Ahead

Of course there is a coup in full swing in one of the major political parties, but it is not the Conservative Party. Even after a week in which Boris Johnson had announced his belief that Housing Benefit would be sufficient to pay a mortgage if only the transaction were permissible, Labour is still only statistically tied with the Conservatives, and more people favour Johnson than Keir Starmer as Prime Minister.

No one believed Wes Streeting's "I'm a Lefty, me" act on Question Time. It was not intended to be believed. If Streeting had two faces, then he would not wear that one. The point is that it is now established beyond doubt that he is the anointed successor. Without a hint of irony, the people who insisted that Labour would be 20 points ahead under Starmer, as well the Official Opposition should be at the moment, are now saying the same thing about Streeting. There will be no Leadership Election, and even if there were, then he would win it. Them's the rules.


  1. "If Streeting had two faces, then he would not wear that one." I laughed like a drain at that.

    1. A similar line is attributed to Abraham Lincoln.