Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Blame Is Not A Game

They blamed the villagers for Aberfan. Then they blamed the miners for Orgreave. They blamed the fans for Hillsborough. They blamed the residents and the firefighters for Grenfell Tower. And for Covid-19, they have tried to blame the care home workers, the Muslims, the BAMEs, and the North.

Aberfan happened under a Labour Government. The last Labour Government refused to hold an inquiry into Orgreave, despite being led by MPs for County Durham and for Fife, and no one suggests for one second that Keir Starmer or Wes Streeting would order one. The last Labour Government also refused to hold an inquiry into Hillsborough, in that case as a favour to Rupert Murdoch. And while Jeremy Corbyn walked silently with the Grenfell Tower community this evening, the Labour Leadership did not.