Saturday, 7 May 2022

On Their Own Doorstep

At least Shirley Porter has lived to see this. But outside London, which is where Labour needs to make progress, it did worse than it had done under Jeremy Corbyn. Inside London, if Tony Blair was so wonderful, then why did he never win Westminster, Wandsworth or Barnet? If Corbyn's supposed anti-Semitism was the reason why Labour did not win Barnet, then why did it not win there before him?

And where is this "doorstep"? Do they carry a doorstep around with them? When did you last see politicians campaigning door-to-door? When did anyone representing a political party last knock on your door? I am writing this in a very marginal ward of a very marginal constituency. There is no doorstep.


  1. It's the Tory, Lib Dem, PLP and SNP ladies talking about "on the doorstep" that I love. Like they'd have the shoes.

    1. The Tory, Lib Dem, PLP and SNP ladies of all genders.