Thursday, 5 May 2022

Five Years On

By now, you should be well into drinking through the General Election Night that should have been. If the 2017 Parliament had run its course, then there would have been a General Election today, resulting in a hung Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour as the largest party. Heaven knows what would have happened then, but something would have happened, and it would have been better than what we have now.

It would also have been better than the available alternative, which insults us by pretending to believe that curry and beer for 30 people at 10 o'clock on a Friday evening was a work meeting. The Hartlepool by-election was 20 miles from Durham Miners' Hall, but there was and is no Radisson Blu in Hartlepool. Still, all costs will have shown up in the by-election expenses returns. Won't they?

And why did the 2017 Parliament not run its course? Keir Starmer changed Labour's Brexit policy, which in 2017 had been withdrawal from the Single Market and the Customs Union, and Boris Johnson seized his opportunity. This is all Starmer's fault.


  1. That point about the expenses, Starmer really is up the creak, isn't he?