Wednesday, 20 April 2022

No Longer Worthy?

Theresa May simply ignored a Commons resolution that she was in contempt of Parliament. But it is hardly news that Boris Johnson is unfit for public office, or that Rishi Sunak is a member of the global superclass that sits light on any responsibility to any particular country.

Who wants this coup? The fanatical neoliberals and neoconservatives who comprise the majority of Conservative MPs, the great majority of Labour MPs, almost all SNP MPs, and all Liberal Democrat MPs. The persons and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond have been banished or marginalised, and now the Straussian elite, for so these people truly regard themselves, just needs to install Liz Truss.

The proponents of economic equality and of international peace should have no part in this, and should instead look forward to the defeat of the Labour Right by Johnson even after everything that will have happened by the end of this Parliament, a humiliation from which it would never be able to recover.

We need to elect enough of our own people to create a hung Parliament either next time or the time after that. We would not then necessarily go into coalition with the Labour Party. The most delicious outcome of all would be if Labour and the Conservatives had to go into coalition with each other, shifting the Conservatives markedly to the right, but even that should not be preferred purely for its undeniable comedy value. We could be in government within 10 years. Just so long as this coup never happened.


  1. In 2029, you'll be in your early fifties. Deputy Prime Minister?