Friday, 7 January 2022

You Don't Know Dick?

Merely not being Donald Trump may be enough to canonise people, but we should refuse to light our candles at their shrines. Nothing about the Trump Administration made it worse than Dick Cheney, and Cheney became Vice President in a fully accomplished coup. Al Gore would have been as bad as George W. Bush, and often in the same ways, but even so.

There is no concrete evidence that the 2020 American Presidential Election was rigged. Yet those who are strongest in pointing out that fact are away with the fairies that whisper that "the Russians" somehow gamed the one in 2016, as well as that year's referendum on British membership of the EU.

And anyone who thinks that the local machines on the right wings of at least nominally leftish parties never, ever rig elections has never, ever dealt with a local machine on the right wing of at least a nominally leftish party. There is nothing to suggest that that happened in this case. But it happens. All the time.