Sunday, 16 January 2022

What Little Remains?

I almost feel sorry for Gina Miller that only 13 people turned up to the launch of her new party.

There are 10 parties in the House of Commons. Unless, as I have been genuinely unable to ascertain, it is the policy of the Alliance Party that the United Kingdom, as such, ought to rejoin the European Union, then that would not appear to be the policy of any of those 10.

Yet 16 million people voted Remain, and if even only half of them were in favour of Rejoin, then that would be a potential electoral bloc of eight million. I am not one of them, of course. But it does baffle me that no party seems to want at least eight million votes.


  1. Waiting for Truss?

    1. Or for Starmer. Of course a lot of MPs want to Rejoin. But it is striking that no party, as such, does.