Thursday, 13 January 2022

No Ministerial Code Here

The Daily Telegraph paid Boris Johnson a quarter of a million pounds per year for a column, it went to huge lengths to make and keep him Prime Minister, and it would have put him on a million a year as a columnist once he had left office.

But tomorrow, it reports that he held a big, boozy party in Downing Street the night before the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. Of course, it knew that at the time. Like the Police, the Lobby knew it all, while it was all happening. They all have questions to answer.

Johnson should already have resigned, and now he has even lost the Telegraph. No one gives a damn what a member of his staff concludes in a report to him. The Police, in fact, are in breach of their duty by waiting for Sue Gray. They would not and should not do anything like that for anyone else.


  1. "Gray will find no criminality" apparently.

    1. But that is not her job, anyway. We all see what is happening here.