Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Believed Implicitly?

Bring your own booze? To a Downing Street event? They did not want this to show up on the books. They knew that they were breaking the law. But who could possibly tell an afternoon at work from a bring your own booze garden party? If you think that there is a difference, then you have obviously never done a proper day's work in your life. What an insight into the "workplace" over which Boris Johnson presides.

If Johnson were gone before July, then he would have been Prime Minister for less time than Theresa May was, but his confidence in Sue Gray's report suggests that he knows what is going to be in it. Gray works in the Cabinet Office, so she will at least have been invited to the party. But the rest of us already know the truth. Let's just mention the Hutton Report, and leave it at that.

And that is the Labour Party again now. Wes Streeting has tried to link the party "in May" to his own cancer treatment "in May", even though the first was in 2020 and the second was in 2021. Streeting is Keir Starmer's shield against the Labour Party membership and the unions. "You have to keep me," Starmer is saying, "because under the new rules the only candidate whom the Parliamentary Labour Party would allow on the ballot paper would be him."

To return to the appalling Government rather than the appalling Opposition, in drip-feeding information about its illegal gatherings, is Dominic Cummings or whoever withholding information from the Police? No, because the Police will have been all over those events at the time. That Lord Falconer thinks that they would not have considered it their job to arrest the exalted attendees raises all sorts of questions about what must have gone on in Downing Street under the faction that is once again in control of Falconer's party.