Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Not The Steal, But The Steele

John Durham is bringing it all out. Under three Conservative Prime Ministers, the last of whom was the supposed "Baby Trump" Boris Johnson, Britain effectively staged a coup in the United States by making it inconceivable for Donald Trump to be reelected.

Thus did Britain protect the City's Wall Street interests from Trump's, or more precisely Roger Stone's, tendencies towards Hamiltonianism, Glass-Steagall, and military nonintervention. Measures, moreover, that would have been hugely popular in Britain once they had started to do their work in the United States. Quite literally, many a bullet dodged.

See also the takedown of Jeremy Corbyn, not that he helped himself a lot of the time, and the present moves against Johnson, not because he is unsuited to be Prime Minister, since everyone has always known that, but in order to kill off the levelling up that is made possible by Brexit, and in order to go as far as possible towards reversing the Brexit that makes possible levelling up.


  1. It was always obvious. Steele would have needed 24 sources close to Putin, but Steele himself had been exposed as MI6 in 1999 and worked with anti-Putin oligarchs in London. A fake, a hoax, and you are right that so was the anti-Corbyn stuff. Yes, Johnson is next on the hit list.

    1. These things are designed to be seen, so that we can all see who is in charge. But it is up to us whether or not we let that pass.