Friday, 12 November 2021

Not Caught In The Vice

"Horrific that Durham University is offering training to students who want to be sex workers part-time. Sex work is degrading, dangerous and exploitative. Uni should have nothing to do with it," tweets Diane Abbott.

Sebastian Milbank knows where the blame lies. It has come to something when one's old comrades' children are now writing these things. I love that "of all places". If he only knew. Oh, and the pictured Old Shire Hall no longer belongs to the University. This is a very good article, though. Very good, indeed. Even if both its subject and its author have made me feel old.

We need to make it a criminal offence for anyone aged 21 or over to buy or sell sex, with equal sentencing on both sides. The Universal Basic Income, the Jobs Guarantee, and the dividends from public stakes in the FTSE 500 companies, distributed equally to everyone, would remove any conceivable excuse for prostituting oneself. This would of course include filmed or photographed prostitution.


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