Friday, 1 October 2021

Not The End

Boris Johnson has issued a call to "end climate change", but then he has never said that anyone with a cervix must be a woman, so we already knew that material reality was not his strong point. Mind you, he has never been asked the cervix question. It is time that he was.

There would be no increase in energy prices today, nor would anyone take seriously any talk of a fuel shortage, if we had an all-of-the-above energy policy based around nuclear power and this country's vast reserves of coal, as well as its increasingly evident reserves of lithium, and as well as its own oil and gas reserves, not least the Cambo oil field west of the Shetland Islands.

Among other things, that would make possible an all-of-the-above transport policy with public transport free at the point of use, plus electricity free at the point of use up to really quite a high level of usage, with only a nominal charge thereafter. Everything that possibly could be, including motor vehicles, would be converted to run on domestically produced electricity. This is why we have a State.


  1. Great post, and do you think Marr will ask Johnson the cervix question tomorrow?