Saturday, 9 October 2021

Increasingly Adverse Conditions

I believe that the young people call it virtue signalling. This year's Nobel Peace Prize declares mere dislike of Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin. Well, a lot of people do dislike either or both of those, and not without cause.

But if the Committee had wanted to give this particular Prize to a journalist, then the recipient ought to have been Julian Assange. To whom, lest we forget, Mike Pompeo wanted to do in London, with the full connivance of the British Government, what was done in Istanbul to Jamal Khashoggi, who also deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the new owner of Newcastle United.

Dismemberment with bone saws, followed by dissolution in acid so as to leave no trace. Gentlemen of Tyneside with whom I have shared the hospitality of our own dear Queen, however eye-opening your stories may have been, you have seen nothing yet. But do not hate club, as if you ever could, This country's rulers choose this relationship. And we choose this country's rulers.


  1. Every time people now buy NUFC branded goods, where does the money end up?

    1. Where, indeed? This country's relationship with Saudi Arabia is strategically catastrophic. We are arming our enemies, and we are paying for their enemies to become ours.