Sunday, 3 October 2021

Crossing The Pelvic Floor?

Of course Andrew Marr did not ask Boris Johnson the cervix question. But does it therefore remain unanswered? The Prime Minister's wife does not attend any Conference event by accident, or even merely because she wants to.

Carrie Johnson is to address Stonewall's fringe meeting. Stonewall works to deprive people of their livelihoods if they believe that anyone with a cervix must be a woman. At least Keir Starmer says in so many words that he is at no such risk, and at least he says it himself.

But not that even that is good enough for the three Labour MPs who are said to be on the brink of defecting to the Conservatives. Under Jeremy Corbyn, no Labour MP defected to the Conservatives, or directly to any other party that had existed in 2015.

And what of these three? Are there people in the Parliamentary Labour Party for whom not even Starmer is right-wing enough? Or are there people who, after all those years of Ed Miliband and then of Corbyn, have only now decided that the party has left them, so that they are heading to one that is economically more egalitarian and internationally more peaceable? Either way, if these defections ever happened, then both parties would have searching questions to answer.

Labour already has another one. If bringing the party into disrepute has any meaning whatever, then what does Pandora Blair have to do in order to be expelled?


  1. What do you think of Starmer writing for the S*n?