Thursday, 2 September 2021

The New Reality

Our dealings with the Taliban regime while not "recognising" it will be conducted from Qatar, that noted bastion of liberal democracy. Qatar was where the Taliban themselves were still based two weeks ago. It is coal-rich but luck-spitting Britain's most important supplier of gas. Its Air Force maintains at least one Joint Squadron with the RAF.

Give those facts a moment to sink in. Until extremely recently, if not to this day, that constitutionally Wahhabi absolute monarchy was using gas revenue from Britain to maintain the headquarters of the Taliban, defended by the RAF. And that is where we now maintain an Embassy to the Taliban, all the while pretending that we do not.


  1. But are you the Shadow Foreign Secretary? No, we've got Nandy instead.

    1. She is blathering on about the imaginary Iranian nuclear weapons programme. She is gearing up for the next war.