Wednesday, 15 September 2021


When Cristiano Ronaldo sued to high heaven those whose banner had urged us to "Believe Kathryn Mayorga" (about what, exactly?), then he should undertake to donate his winnings to the good causes of his teammate, Marcus Rashford.

As should Prince Andrew, when he sued to high heaven those who had called him a paedophile for allegedly having had sex with a very obviously post-pubescent person who had been above the age of consent both in London, where it was and is 16, and in New York, where it was and is 17.

Notice that rape and sexual assault have had to be alleged, and even then only as a civil matter, since the United States still has a proper criminal burden of proof, unlike here, where juries are now directed to "disregard" the concept of conviction beyond reasonable doubt.

There is no comparison with O.J. Simpson, who had already been acquitted of murder before a civil action for wrongful death was brought against him. Since it alleges what is in fact a criminal offence, then this civil suit ought to be dismissed at least until that allegation had been tested in a criminal court.

In the meantime, Prince Andrew and Cristiano Ronaldo, you have both been libelled in England while living in England, so get suing. And make it clear that the damages would be going to the good causes of Marcus Rashford.


  1. It's amazing how this "right royal nonce" thing has taken hold. Royals don't really sue though do they?

    1. They are not normally given this much cause. And footballers are a different story altogether.