Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Reactor Reaction

Nuclear powered submarines are not nuclear weapons, and either Britain or America would always have given Australia either of those if it had asked. But these submarines are to defend Australia from what, exactly? Wait for them to turn out to have been made with Chinese components. Not that that will matter, but it will be embarrassing in their silly proponents' own terms. You read it here first.

The only people who are shaking less in their boots than Xi Jinping are in Britain's very own "Woke Cultural Establishment". They are going to need to outwit, not an art historian and arts administrator such as the German Minister of Culture, nor a biographer of Verdi such as the French Minister of Culture, but a person who had entertained the nation by eating the anus of an ostrich on live television.


  1. For those submarines to have Made in China stamped on them would be the dream.